What to do if you are anxious about Coronavirus

What to do if you are anxious about Coronavirus

Coronavirus has resulted in a lot of us feeling anxious at the moment and worried about what will come of everything. It is important that we think of different ways we can control our stress or anxiety during this time. I wanted to come and write a post about some ways that you can do this.

Find out what you can do!

Finding out what you can do in this situation can help ease your mind. Read up about the actions you can take on the NHS website to learn what you can do as this will help to de-stress your mind! There are plenty of resources here of advice that should be taken!

Take yourself away from the news

While you may feel the need to keep yourself informed to stay in control at the moment. The constant reminder of the news reports going around can be very overwhelming and will not be healthy for you to listen to all the time if you are already feeling anxious.

If you want to still know about the news then make sure you are trying to limit the amount of time and give yourself a set amount of time to look at it for. This will help to not overpower your brain with news and cause you to feel distressed.

Social Media

Distancing yourself from social media more will allow you to see less of the news through the different platforms. Social platforms allow you to control what you are seeing in your feed. If anything is too negative for you, unfollow or mute them accounts so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Plan your days properly

Planning your days out beforehand can help to reduce anxiety and the stress of everything going on at the moment. Plan some time to do your work or school work, plan some time of exercise and some family time. It is important to plan out when you are going to be contacting your family. They can help you forget about your troubles and de-stress as well as helping you through this time.

Talk to someone about how you are feeling

It is important to ensure that you are not trapping all your stress inside your body. Sharing your feelings with you families and friends will help to take this weight off your shoulders and you will feel less stressed.

Make sure you know you can do other things

Making sure you know you have other things to do is important to stop yourself from over worrying and stressing too much. Do things you enjoy or try some new things to keep you busy and keep you mind off everything. One thing I would recommend if you are creative is to start your own blog or YouTube channel, now is a great time as you have the time to spend on it making it perfect!


Exercising will benefit your mental and physical health so it is important to exercise once a day everyday during this time. Think of it as a goal to get that summer body you have always said you would try and get!