5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Ways to Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staying positive at the moment can be quite difficult, we have come up with 5 ways you can use to stay positive during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Send gifts or letters in the mail

Sending gifts in the mail to friends and family is a great idea to boost positivity in their lives and your own. You could send them things to do, or if you do not want to spend a lot then you could put pen to paper and write them a letter!

Focus on things you never had time for

There are lots of times when we think about organising our wardrobe but just don’t have enough time for it. Now that we are all at home all the time it is a great excuse to get things done that you have never had time for! I have written down all the tasks I want to complete while in isolation to keep myself thinking positive. Sorting out your garden would be a brilliant way to start as you can then grow your own veg!

Create some window displays

Creative some window displays for the NHS, careers and key workers has recently been something that people and enjoying to do. Why don’t you try drawing some rainbow pictures or making a window display to show your appreciation for our key workers! Drawing is therapeutic and so will help you to think positively whilst doing it.

Start doing things virtually

Everyone can all do with cheering up at the time, try setting up some virtual clubs, quizzes or every parties. You can use video calling facilities like FaceTime, Facebook video and zoom to speak to your family and friends.

In my household we have been doing a lot of quizzes recently which has helped to entertain our family stay in touch with each other ad have a laugh!

Pamper Yourself!

Isolation is a great time to get yourself feeling good again and giving yourself a pamper! Spend this time to think about yourself and your body, making yourself feel good will help to increase your positivity.