Tips to Keep your Children Entertained

Tips to Keep your Children Entertained

This lockdown is going to be difficult for us adults to entertain ourselves, let alone entertaining our children too! Thinking of different ideas to entertain your children in this stressful time can be hard for some parents with everything else they have to think about!

Ice Block

Freezing some of your children toys in an ice block can be a really fun and long winded rescue game that will keep them busy for at least a couple of hours! This game is especially good at the moment as the weather is getting hotter so you don’t get a messy house!

Grab a plastic container from your kitchen cupboards (the bigger the better) and fill the container with water. Choose some of your children toys (must be waterproof) and chuck them in! Pop this into the freezer overnight or until the water has frozen.

When ready to use, start by telling your children a story. I would start by saying that overnight a mysterious ice woman/man (this could be Elsa if your children are into Frozen) can into the house and accidentally froze their toys and it is their mission to set the toys free before the end of the day.


If your children like Disney films then Disney plus is the way to go! It is a new website that is full of all their favourite Disney films or series. Pop it on and let them chill out while you have an hour of me time.

Play Dress-up

A great way to entertain the children and to organise your things is to sort through your wardrobe and play dress-up while you are going alone. This will help to recycle old clothes and entertain the children while you go! You may even get some good images for their 18th Birthdays!

Putting on a Show

Encourage your children to set up a show for you to watch. They could use props from around the house and even play dress-up to get into character!

Create a scrapbook

Using magazines, old pictures or newspapers you can create a scrapbook for your children to look at when this is all over. You could tell them to design a new page everyday depending on how they are feeling and then look back on it in years to come!

Building a den

Building a den is super easy and can entertain your children for hours. All you need is a few bed sheets some cushions and a bit of imagination!