Lockdown New Year Eve Ideas!

This new year is looking like we may be spending a lot of time digitally to see certain grandparents, family and friends! I have come up with some lockdown new year eve ideas so you can stay in touch with those who you may not be able to otherwise!

Zoom Party with Family and Friends

Zoom parties were a huge hit this year with birthdays and celebrations. Get your family and friends on a zoom call and celebrate to the best of your ability. you can download games like Jackbox.tv on your computer and screen share to play together, or play drinking games that are easy to play digitally! Like digital shot roulette!

Murder Mistery Party on Zoom

Someone I know recently organised a murder mystery party for their friends and although it looked like a lot of work it also looked like a lot of fun. I have never done one before so I would recommend researching about it first and finding the best way to go about it but when it is all organised I’m sure it will be brilliant!

Movie Night with Household

A movie night is one of my favourite ways to celebrate New Years. A couple years ago we just spend time watching films in the living room in our pjs and didn’t even realise 12am had passed us!

‘Club Night’ in your Living Room

If you have been missing clubbing this year a great New Years eve idea is to create your own virtual club party in your house or on a zoom call if you can’t see certain people. Back up some bike lights on flash mode around the room to create the lights, turn up the music and celebrate your New Years just as you would in the club!

If everyone in your house is going to join in you can even make each room of your house a different type of music or different bar/club so you can have different themes!

By Katie