Using Social Media to Promote your Blog Posts

We all use social media for our blogs and know it is an important factor when setting up but are you using it correctly?

Social Media Scheduling

I use social media scheduling tools to help me post 24 hours a day 7 days a week so people can see that I am always active and appear constantly.

Content in your Posts

It is important to make sure that you have included a link to your blog on everything that you post and that you are constantly sharing content across your social media platforms. Attaching pictures to your posts will also help them to stand out and people will be more interested in them.

Another tip with content is instead of just sharing the title of your post a great way to engage people is to write a small paragraph or copy a small section from the article. I like to use my meta descriptions.

Google Analytics

Checking your Google Analytics is important so you can keep on track with the kinds of posts that your audience are more interested in. Once you know this you can then push that content out more and stop with the content that people don’t necessarily read.

Promoting your Posts

Promoting your posts on social media more than once is important so you have a higher chance of more people seeing it. I like to promote my older posts on twitter still as well as my new ones as they are all important for getting views.

Keep engaging

As mentioned earlier, make sure you are engaging with your audience as much as possible, comments, likes, shares.

Post by Katie