A Guide to Promoting on Instagram

I recently took an Instagram webinar by Christina, teaching you all about the algorithm and what to do / what not to do. From this webinar, I have learned a lot of things so I wanted to share some of these with you!

Establish a look

We were taught that establishing a look on your Instagram is important as people will follow you in the first 5 seconds of viewing your page, so if it’s not irresistible or consistent you are probably loosing out on followers. You can use the app Lightroom on your phone to create a filter and have a consistent feed.

Niche down to one topic or category

While you are still small is it important to look at one category first and then spread out to others gradually when you have a good amount of following. Otherwise, people may see one of your pictures on the explore page in a topic that they really like and come onto your feed which isn’t all that they are interested in so they won’t follow.

Give value and information in your captions

Giving value in your captions is important so you stand out, it also will help you to have higher engagement on your post. The higher engagement you have on your posts, the more likely Instagram will put you at the top of people’s feeds and explore page.

Eye-catching first line in a caption

People don’t get to see your whole caption at first so having an eye-catching first like will help them to click that ‘see more’ button and spent more time on your posts.

Post by Katie