How to Repurpose and Improve your Old Blog Posts

How to Repurpose and Improve your Old Blog Posts

Methods on how you can repurpose and improve your old blog posts are important so you can get them to be the best they can and get the views they deserve!! Each day you are online you will learn more about SEO, blogging techniques, and marketing yourself online that you are using on your recent posts. But your older blog posts are just as important as your recent so making sure they are updates also is key!

Produce Content-based Around Them

Usually, when producers create films they will create the main movie with all the characters in. Once this film has made it they then will take one of the main characters and then make a film around them. You can use this method for your blog posts!

Read back through your old posts and each of the subheadings you previously used could be made into a blog post of their own. Generally, I tend to have 4/5 subheadings on a single blog post so this could be 4 or 5 extra posts that you can utilise on your blog!

A great way to use this method would be if you had a really popular post, you could use this method on it. Create some sub-blogs on each of the headings and then in the original blog post link the headings to the new posts. This will create a nice little pathway to keep people on your blog for longer!

Dig out your best posts and show them off!

Making sure that you are still showing off some of your old archived posts on your socials is important in gaining traffic, especially if they were popular.

I like to schedule posts about my old blogs to go up on my social media to make sure people don’t forget about them! This is a great way of getting more traffic to your overall site rather than to your newer articles or your homepage.

Give some of your posts a new style

Have you noticed recently that reading has become a chore to some people? It’s much more popular nowadays to listen to a video, audio-book, or podcast. A great way to repurpose and improve your older blog posts could be to move them into this generation.

Create a YouTube channel and talk about topics related to your blogs, then you can link the two followings together. Or if videos aren’t your style, start podcasts and read out your blog posts. People love to listen rather than read and you will also be reaching to a wider audience. If you think about it, people listen to podcasts and videos in places that they cannot possibly read. When they’re driving, at work or walking around town!

Republishing your posts

Using other blogging platforms out there is a great way of gaining more traffic on your older blog posts. Mediumis a great site that you can utilise to publish old content on, sharing your work further. I have recently been introduced to Medium but there are also loads of other platforms you can take a look at!

Check back over your posts

You don’t always need to keep producing new content to get more views on your website, a simple check over and update of the older posts should help instead!

checking old blog posts and still relevant and reliable and then promoting them after they have been updated can help to increase your traffic. Add more facts, statistics, update the images, and take a second look at the keyword research used. Your posts aren’t perfect, there is always something that needs updating so update it.

Repost your updated posts to a more recent date. When this post was first uploaded you may have gained 500 subscribers, that’s 500 people that may have missed out on that post and would love to read it. By changing the date to more recent it will bring that post onto your front page for them to find easier. It saves you from having to write an extra post that month too!

Email Marketing the right way

Email marketing can be a great tool once you have a decent amount of subscribers on your lists. You can set up emails that send out new subscribers your old posts from before they subscribed. Make sure you set it up so they don’t receive anything from after they subscribed otherwise you may be sending them content that they have already read!

Help your subscribers see the beauty beneath

Many of your blog posts from days, months, or even years ago are still valued today, they just need the spotlight again and a little encouragement! Help your audience see the beauty beneath your most recent posts by updating, re-posting, expanding, creating a new format, and sharing!

Post by Katie