Fairy Door Blog

We were out on our daily walk when we ventured into some woods close to home, it was such a lovely surprise to find beautiful painted rocks dotted around the ground. The rocks were decorated in rainbow colours, supportive messages for NHS workers and gentle reminders to “stay safe”

Our children were SO excited each time they noticed another rock hidden in a little nook or a decoration hanging from a branch. They ran around under the trees laughing and smiling. It gave them so much joy in a time which has been full of anxiety. They were immediately inspired to paint their own. We loved the idea of spreading more smiles and adding to the magic in the woods so we decided  fairy doors & windows would be fun.

Our kids had a lovely creative afternoon in the sunshine painting, even our youngest (16 month old) got involved. Choosing where to hide them was a little more stressful with the kids changing their minds ALOT but they settled on good homes eventually…….

We are so pleased people have enjoyed searching for the isolating fairies and we seem to have spread the magic that we intended to.

We have made some blank doors from our reclaimed wood offcuts and have started to sell them for £1 each with all the money going to Addenbrookes Charitable trust The idea is people can decorate their doors and hide them on their adventures for others to enjoy. Please take photos and tag us we would love to see your designs #ideatreedesigns Thank you!! www.ideatreedesigns.com 

Gentle reminder – (Please do not use nails to attach your doors as this damages the tree – just pop it down that way it can be moved if you change your mind.) Avoid using plastic beads etc for decoration as this is harmful for wildlife.