Taking pictures for your business’ blog during isolation

Taking blog pictures can be difficult at the best of times, especially when you can’t go find a photogenic background or someone to help you. I have a few tips and tricks on how to take your own pictures from home whether you need them of yourself or or the products you are selling!

Take pictures of yourself doing lockdown activities

You don’t need a background at the moment to get a good picture, especially as everyone is inside so it will help to encourage other people to stay indoors! Set up your camera on something or if you have a tripod and take some images. This is a to easier if you have someone who can help you. Or if you have a camera that you can use your phone as a remote for!

A good way of trying to take some good pictures of you doing activities if you can multi-task is by holding the camera over yourself and taking it of your arm…like the image displayed below!

Use the people you are in isolation with

If the people around you don;’t mind then ask them to spend 10-20 minutes helping you take some good isolation pictures. This will make it a lot easier if you can have someone take the images for you. They can help to tell you what you need to do better and it will entertain you both for a bit too!

Use a timer

Using a timer on your phone or camera is really useful if you are isolating alone and need to take some of yourself. Set up your phone or camera on a tripod or some books and get shooting!

Prop a mirror up

If you prop a mirror up behind where your camera is it will give you some sort of idea on what you are looking like in your pictures so you can adjust accordingly.

Mark where you need to be

If there is a certain position in the frame that you want to be in then you can use some tape or a post-it note to mark where you want to stand. This way you can get where you need to be without having to keep taking pictures and running back to your camera to check you are in the right place!

Posing for your pictures

I’m not a model but my favourite way to pose for pictures is to make them seem really candid. If I am doing an activity like a puzzle, walking or anything. I like to make it seem as if I am mid way through what I am doing rather than just posing in-front of the camera.

Flat lay images

Flat lay images are super easy to do! All you need to do is get your products you want the main focus to be on, grab a blanket or a sheet for the background and start taking!

I like to have more depth into my flat lays so I will get extra elements to add to the image. Make sure you are keeping the focus of the image on the product or thing you need to though and don’t over clutter!

Post by Katie