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My Most Effective Blog Posts for Views During Lockdown

Finding your most effective blog posts for views is easy if you have analytics in place on your website. I have written a separate post all about why Google Analytics is good and how to set it up on your site, click here to take a look at this post!

During the lockdown, I have had certain posts that have gained a lot more views than others so I wanted to share my findings with fellow bloggers to help them get more views on their blog too.

Lifestyle Blogs

My lifestyle blogs have been quite popular during lockdown so I would recommend if you do have a lifestyle category on your blog, to focus on this a bit more.

Posts Based on the Lockdown

I have written a lot of posts that are based on the lockdown. Whether they are things to do, motivating yourself or helping your mental health. Due to the increase in people reading about the lockdown these posts have become very popular.

To search for posts to write, I like to use Google to see what people are searching for at the moment. I have written a separate blog post on this if you would like to read further!

Food Blogs

Finally, my most popular blogs during lockdown have been my baking blogs, specifically my Tanya Burr Cookies Blog. Due to everyone being at home bored, a lot of people are turning to bake to entertain themselves.

Use my technique from searching on Google to see what bakes are the most popular then write a post on them!

My Most Effective Blog Posts for Views During Lockdown

I hope this post was of some help to some fellow bloggers. If you have any information to share regarding your most popular blog posts please comment them down below. I would love to know if you have anything to help me gain more views!

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