How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

I have had a few people asking me recently how I know what to write on my blog that people are interested in. I wanted to write a post about a technique I use that helps me to find trending blog post ideas by using Google to my advantage!

Step 1: Think about the subject you want to write about

The first step of my process is to think about the topic I want my post to be about. For example, I’ll think about what category I want my post to be in. For this blog, I have chosen the category of beauty as I feel I haven’t had a lot of beauty posts recently.

Step 2: Using Google

Once I have an idea of what my post is going to be about I head to Google. On Google, I will start to type in some related words to my topic, for this case I typed in ‘beauty products’.

How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

You can see on the screenshot above that as you type in a word to Google it will come up with examples of what people have searched on Google before that is related to what you have typed in.

I then use this information to look at related blog post titles and use them as ideas for content I can write on my blog.

You can also…

If you enter in the search and scroll to the bottom of the first page, Google will also come up with some ‘searches related to’ what you have typed in. These are the ones that came up for my ‘beauty products’ search.

Step 3: Play around with Different words

I then like to add words to my search that people have searched for and adapt it to turn it into a popular blog title. For example in the image below you can see that I have found a popular search for ‘women’s beauty products to use in lockdown’.

How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

As you can see from the screenshot there are a few different blog posts people and ranking for on this search.

How to Find Trending Blog Post Ideas

I can now use this information to take a look at their titles, content, and websites. Use them to my advantage and get my post on my site to rank higher than them. To get your posts ranking high on Google please take a look at my SEO blogs here!

Post by Katie