Why Shopping Local is so Important

Shopping locally is really important during the pandemic as lots of smaller businesses are going to be suffering for a while when this is all over. We have created a list of different reasons why shopping local is important!

Creating Local Jobs

Supporting our local businesses will help to create local jobs in our area as they grow. Small businesses are the largest supporters of local jobs in our community, meaning that the more you shop, the more jobs open for people and the better the economy is in our area.


Independent business are run by the local people in our community which means they can hep to add character to the area and tend to have a warming personality.

Customer Service

While most places you go to shop has good customer services and people thrive to find the best for you. Local businesses tend to remember your face and know who you are so they are able to tend to you more easily.

Better deals

Certain local shops might thrown in some extra food for locals and markets are likely to negotiate prices.

Independent shops may rewards regular customers, giving you discounts on products you want rather than multipack buys on things you don’t need.

Why Shopping Local is so Important

Try before you buy

Independent retailers may offer tasters of their products so you can sample products before spending money on them. Wine merchants may share some wine tasting sessions or other independent food shops like bakeries and farm shops may hand out tasters by the counter for you to try things. Additionally there is the obvious advantage, you can see and feel what you are buying, and ask advice, thereby making sure it is what you want/need.


Independent, local shop owners are usually passionate about their products and have in depth knowledge of their subject. They know exactly why they have sourced their stock and where it has come from.

Shopping local has lots of benefits compared to going to bigger stores and higher brands, make sure you check if anywhere local is selling that you need to buy first before going to Tescos or John Lewis!