Life at home during this difficult time can be challenging, especially for young ones that might not understand what’s going on. So here at Wish Upon A Star Parties, we thought we’d put together a quick list of 10 tips, tricks and fun things you can do to keep your little ones entertained – and feeling safe.

1️⃣ Treasure Hunt 🔍

A great way to kill some time and keep your children occupied for a while is a Treasure Hunt. We recommend leaving pieces of paper around the house (and maybe garden) that have a clue on one side and a letter on the other side. The answer to the clue will direct them to the next location! Once they have found all the letters, they have to spell out a word, if they spell the word correctly, they win a prize!

2️⃣ Crafty Arts 🎨

We love arts and crafts, but then again, who doesn’t? It’s a great way to let your children’s imaginations run wild! So why not mix it up a bit and let them be in charge. Get all of your crafty supplies out of the cupboard and let them teach their very own Art lesson! Why not make a display area one day to fill up with all of your wonderful creations.

3️⃣ The Restaurant Experience 🍽

Something that we’ve seen recently (that we absolutely love) is parents re-creating a restaurant in their own home.

Here’s a simple way to do it yourself:
Lay the table like a restaurant; become the front of house and kitchen staff; print out some homemade menus (making sure you give very posh names to each dish); put on some relaxing music; let the kids choose their courses; and (our favourite touch) wash and fill an empty bottle of wine with Blackcurrant squash! What an exciting meal that they are sure yo remember.

Don’t forget to give them the bill though!

4️⃣ Dress up/down days 👗👔

This is a really simple idea that will just change things up from the normality of day-to-day. Choose a theme and everyone must dress up accordingly using things they have in the house. You could try a festival theme, a Wild West theme, a Black Tie theme, or maybe even just a colour!

5️⃣ Obstacle course 🏆

Disclaimer this might make your house a bit messy, but trust us, its worth it.

There is so much in your house that has so much potential of making a fantastic obstacle course. You could use dressing gown cords to jump over or crawl under; pots and pans to put on the floor and run around; a bedsheet laid on the floor to army-crawl under; cushions to jump from one to another; sofa cushions propped up to make a tunnel to crawl through; or even just lay a scarf long-ways on the floor to balance and walk across.

Set these all out in any order and time each child completing the course!

6️⃣ Build-A-Pizza 🍕

Every one deserves a treat during lockdown and one of our favourite naughty treats is pizza! There are different ways of doing this. You could make your own pizza bases from scratch or buy ready made margherita pizzas and add your favourite toppings.

Here’s a few we like:
Peppers, salami, chicken, onion, sweetcorn, olives, extra cheese, cut up hot dogs, rocket, and pineapple! But there are so many more. Lay all your toppings out and everyone can simply choose there favourite.

Why not try a piece of everyones pizza and choose a winner!

7️⃣ Mini Olympics 🥇

Lets take this time to get active and fit! Choose some of your favourite activities, from running races to how far you can throw a ball and create your own sports day / Olympic games. Make it last most of the day and add up all of the points at the end – you could even do a winner’s ceremony after each game and slice up some oranges as a snack for the day.

Make sure you have a prize for the overall winner!

8️⃣ Cleaning Race ⏱️

This one is more for you, parents! Grab that big pile of washing that needs hanging out or folding up and divide it into however many people there are in your household. Then, its a race to the finish and whoever completes their pile first gets a prize!

Make sure there are consolation prizes for all the players if they finish their pile, you dont want to be left with all of it!

9️⃣ Remake a Movie 🎭

There are so many movies we love here at Wish Upon A Star Parties! We thought it would be great fun to recreate our favourite movie moments ourselves. Get dressed up and choose a director and camera man. Use your phone to record it and then you can send it to friends and family to help entertain them and make them smile!

Some of our favourite movie moments are Elsa singing ‘Let it go’ and Eugene finding Rapunzel in her tower!

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To make a dull day exciting book a personalised video from your favourite charcters from Wish Upon A Star Parties! We have so many characters waiting to meet you all and they are so excited to help make this uncertain time slightly more bareable.

We hope you like these tips on how to make these long days more enjoyable for your little ones. We’d love to hear from anyone that gives them a go, pictures included! Lets see who can make the best obstacle course, pieces of art and delicious pizza!

Above all, remember to look after one another and stay very safe.

Have a magical day everyone!!

Jasmine and Max



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