Update | Coping away from your family during lockdown

I’m Exercising! | Coping away from your family during lockdown

If you haven’t read my first post you can find it here. My name is Katie I am 20 years old and live just outside of Saffron Walden.

It’s been a week since my last posts so I wanted to come on here and update everyone on how i’m getting on with being away from my mum and dad during this period.


As quite a few other people have been doing I have taken to exercise as my way of getting away from my thoughts during the day. I usually am someone that would go to the gym once a week to body balance and then come back, eat high calorie foods like Macaroni Cheese. That is if I even make it to the gym!

This lockdown period I have decided that I am going to do some form of exercise everyday and set myself goals to get to. Exercising is helping me take my mind of missing my family and it also makes me feel like I have earned the food I’m eating!

What forms of exercise am I doing?

I have never really been a long distance runner, a few years ago I tried to do the couch to 5K and failed pithing a few weeks. I have taken it upon myself to try and do the couch to 5K again and not fail it this time.

Along with my boyfriend and his dad, I have really enjoyed going on long bike rides. We have been completing 10-miles so far in just over an hour but today we went and managed to get it down to 53 minutes which for me is a huge achievement, especially as the bike I used today has no gears!

Les mills on demand is a great tool to use for classes in your home. The first 2 months are free and then it is around £11 a month I believe after then. I have been really enjoying doing body balance and body pump, hoping that later on this week I can find some other ones I like!

Seeing my family

I am still FaceTiming my family when possible and speaking to them as much as I can. I miss them a lot but I also have a really supportive family around me that are keeping me healthy and happy.

Final thoughts

I highly recommend exercising to help you unwind and think of something other than missing your family as it really has helped me. It will give you a rush that is like no other and makes you feel totally different inside!