What You Will Need:
Macramé rope 3-5mm thick and 50m long
Measuring tape
Hanging ring (wooden or metal)
Plant pot and plant

Knots Used: (Pictures Below)
Wrap-around knot
Square knot

How To Prepare: 
Cut four pieces of rope 3m long
Cut three pieces of rope 5m long
Cut one piece of rope 6m long

1. Hang your wooden or metal ring somewhere sturdy where it will not fall or slide around as you are going to be pulling on it a lot.
2. Pair one of your 3m rope with your 6m rope, feed through the hanging ring and make sure that they are equal lengths on either side of the ring. Make sure that the longest piece of rope is kept at the right hand of the side of the ring. Tie these ropes together loosely as this is just to keep them apart from the others.
3. Pair your other 3m ropes with your 5m ropes and follow the instructions in number 2. Tie each pair together to keep them apart from the others.
4. Untie the ropes on the far right where your longest piece of rope is and make a wrap-around knot between 4-6cm long depending on your preference around all the pieces of rope.
5. Drop about 15cm and tie a square knot in each of the four bundles of cord (make sure to untie the knot you made beforehand). Repeat the square knot three times so that you have four all together.
6. To make the net tie square knots around 5cm below the square knots above. However, you will need to do this taking 2 cords from one bundle and 2 cords from the bundle next to it to connect them together.
7. Lastly, you need to connect all four bundles back together to secure the nets base, which is where your plant pot will sit. To do this, take your longest piece of rope and finish with a wraparound knot 5cm below the square knots you made in number 6. This can be any length you prefer.
8. To finish off cut your tail of rope to the same length. If you wish, you can then fray your rope to have a fluffy-tailed effect at the bottom.

By SR Events