Coping away from my family during lockdown just got a whole lot harder! | Life Update

During the coronavirus pandemic, I have had a lot of different news and things happen that I wanted to share with you all a life update. Hopefully, this blog will give you something to read to cheer you up a bit at the moment! I am staying away from my family during lockdown and am at my boyfriend’s house so haven’t seen my parents for a very long time which is difficult in its self. In this blog, you will see why the last week or so has got even harder for me in coping!


First things first…yes I have made banana bread, in fact, I have made 2 loaves of banana bread. Baking is something that I usually enjoy a lot but since lockdown has started I haven’t really had a lot of time or energy to do some. I am definitely going to start baking some more though this weekend as it is my Mum’s and Dad’s birthdays!


My eczema has been suffering recently from being inside so much but I have a few different techniques I have been using to keep it moisturised.


A lot of you will already know if you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter but my Mum and Dad have recently both brought some puppies into our families and I could not be happier about it! However, it is very frustrating due to the pandemic as I’m not able to see our new family members all the time!

Get ready for some extra-cute pictures!

Meet Billy

Billy is my mum’s new fox-red cockapoo, he was named by my brother and is very cute!


Ronnie is one of my Dad’s border collie puppies, we have named him after my grandad that sadly I have never met due to him passing so early on in life. My Dad has had border collie’s since I was little and our last one passed away a few years ago so we were finally ready to have some more in the family again!


After our last dog passed away, Dad said he would not get one again and would only ever get two dogs! Bailey is my Dad’s other border collie ( this is the one I have stolen and named ). I have named him Bailey as mine and my dad’s favourite drink is Baileys so I thought it was good as it involved both of us in the name.


As I am at my boyfriends house in lockdown, I have been still able to get eyebrows, nails and beauty treatments done as his mum is a beauty therapist at Blossom.

I have been making sure I take some time to myself. I like to have a bath or watch videos on my phone/TV in a separate room. If you are isolating with other people, it is important to take some time to yourself to prevent getting overwhelmed!