5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivating yourself can be difficult at the moment but there are ways you can motivate yourself to do different tasks you want to. Whether you are working from home for the first time or at home not working, I have 5 ways you can motivate yourself to achieve the goals you want to!

Get up early and get ready for the day

To some people, this may seem impossible and to some, it may be part of their daily routine. If you get up early and get ready for the day I find it makes me feel so much more productive and makes me feel good in myself.


Exercising has been part of my daily routine throughout this lockdown and it has made me feel a lot better inside. Whether it is a walk, run, bike ride or an at-home workout routine, doing something will help to keep you motivated and feeling positive!

There are lots of good at-home exercise videos on YouTube and other social media platforms that you could be watching! I have been loving watching Joe Wicks on YouTube account The Body Coach TV.

Keep moving the goalpost

Once you have achieved your goals make sure you keep moving the goal post. Having small goals that you expand on will make you more motivated each time you hit them and so you can gradually reach the largest goal you want to.

Focus on the positive

It is easy at this time to get engrossed in the negative news articles and worry yourself more and more. Focusing on the positive will give you a healthier mindset which will, in turn, motivate you more. Delete the negative threads or news links from your social media and focus more on what is good.

It is difficult to think positively all the time, but I think quite a lot of people can improve on thinking more positively.

Compare yourself with yourself

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. When comparing yourself to others it can damage your motivation as it gives you self-doubts.

Instead of looking at the people who are ‘ahead of you’ look at yourself and your results. This will help to motivate you the more you get better at tasks and will motivate you more.

Motivating ourselves seems difficult to think about during lockdown, but with a few different ways you can do it, it actually is more simple than you think! Take this advice into consideration and let me know down in the comments on how it has helped you if it has, and also if you have anything to add I would love to read it!

Written by Katie