Resources for at home workouts

Our physical fitness is important when in quarantine to help keep anxiety and mental health at bay. At the same time, we need to consider social distancing and keep ourselves from going to the gym at this difficult time.

We have done the research for you and have gathered together some of our favourite apps, websites and at home services that you can use for the difficult months we have ahead of us.

30 Day Ab Challenge

The 30 day ab challenge is an app on your phone that gives you different exercises everyday, increasingly getting more difficult to help you maintain a good core. The exercises include things like, the plank, leg raises, crunches and sit ups and will start off slow, building up the intensity and duration of the exercises over 30 days.

Youtube Videos

Youtube has lots of videos of at home workouts that you can follow along to. It is a great resource as you can watch the instructor doing the workout to see if you are getting it correct instead of listening to a voice tape. Here are a list of channels that we have found that are good for fitness videos to follow along to:

If none of these take your fancy the  be sure to search for something you are more interested, like ‘HITT workouts’ or ‘body balance’


There are plenty of websites on the internet that also shara workouts at home of ways that you can keep yourself moving. We have gathered a few websites together with useful tips on exercising at home that you can follow along to!


The NHS website has lots of different resources on it for exercise and it displays pictures for you so you know how to do the following moves which is really useful. Take a look at their 10-minute cardio workouts here.

On their website they also have an exercise hub which has lots of information that will be useful when exercising at home!

Women’s Health UK

The Woman’s Health website also has a hub of lots of useful resources and blog posts to do with fitness. Their hub includes local news, how this will affect you, where you can still go for a run and loads of useful information that is worth reading about!

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping has a great blog post that shares lots of different resources that you can use for at home workouts. Take a read of this post to get a load more resources that will also be useful to you!

Final Thoughts

There are loads of resources online that can help get you moving at home so you are making sure to maintain your body’s health. Please make sure that if you are listening to your body when exercising and are not pushing yourself too far.

Blog by Katie