Covid-19 / Type 1 diabetic son / Day 3 Lockdown

Apologies for my lack of an update yesterday – our BT Hub has an intermittent fault.  Great timing!!!!

Today I am feeling quite anxious as I worry about diabetic supplies for my son.  We have enough insulin for 30 days and I am sure the pharmacies will be able to still supply – it is the cannulas and sensor delivery I am concerned about.  They come via the post and I am starting to run low.  

We have been out once a day to get some air into our lungs via a bike ride but midway my sons pump stopped working.   We raced home to change his cannula.  It has happened before and is just one of those things, but I felt far more anxious about it than normal and it made me realise how vulnerable we are, and totally reliant on technology for my son to stay alive.    I have to be careful not to pass this anxiety onto my son as he is already obessing about the number of deaths being reported every day.

On a more positive note ;

Jigsaw puzzle hits – lots and lots!

Spray tan for 15 year old daughter – no more to date.  She no longer looks like an Ompa Loompa

Fridge contents – low!

House Party hits – far too many.

Sore bottom from bike rides – 1

Online shopping for table tennis tables –  far too many hours

Speak soon fellow comrades.