My name is Ali and I am putting my spare time to good use and have offered to share my experiences of having a Type 1 Diabetic son during this surreal and scary time.  I am sure there are hundreds of mummies in the area with vunerable children – so I am not for one moment suggesting I am ‘special’ but it is just a way to put pen to paper and share my thoughts.  If you are lucky – I may even do this more than once a week!!!!!

We spend our life trying to keep his blood sugars between 4 and 7.  It is an hourly/ daily task and our life is based around balancing the food he has and administering the correct amount of insulin.  Throw a nasty virus into the mix and it is a whole different story.   The balancing act becomes far more challenging.  Generally a virus or infection will send his sugars high – then the battle begins to try to get them down (but not too far down1).

So….. the lockdown begins and so does my daily blog….

Day 1 Lockdown

Blood levels – high due to lack of exercise

Puzzle table set up in the play room – zero hits

Checks on seeds in greenhouse – zero hits

Moans re online schooling – sky high

Fake tans by 15 year old daughter – one (not sure who she thinks she will be seeing?!?)

Metal detecting – none done so far today as saving that treat to later !!!!!!

Mum stress levels – not too bad to be fair.

Weight gain – not checking today

Until tomorrow fellow comrades……